Product launches

2Product launches in the technical kind of industries I worked in were very targeted at specific audiences due to the scientific nature of the products and technical expertise exhibited by the speakers.

Skills required for technical Product launches:

To illustrate this skill set, we will focus on the following events:

Sanofi Animal health Vigosine product launch

Vigosine is a poultry supplement aimed at improving performance during critical periods. Sanofi Animal health is now Merial South Africa.

Product launch
  • Planning the event.
  • Find a venue, book venue, organize program for speakers, delegates.
  • Design invitations with a graphic designer
  • Send invites to Veterinarians and Veterinary companies.
  • Attend product launch and manage the event on the day.
  • Advertising in targeted media as part of the product launch.

Intervet South Africa’s Nobilis brand launch at a Veterinary show and exhibition:

  • Plan and book stand at the exhibition – we loved corner stands as it always get the most traffic.  Designed stand with professional exhibition and interior design company.  Oversee building of the stand before the product launch.

    Product launches
    Launching new brand
  • Worked with the graphic designers to organize print and other material for the stand.
  • Man the stand and run a competition as part of the product launch for a hamper during the show and exhibition – organized shifts for staff to work at the exhibition.
  • Managed write ups and articles as well as advertising in conjunction with the Company Veterinarian as part of the product launch during the exhibition.
  • Post product launch, publication of hamper winner in Poultry publication.
Product launch of 4 new Intervet poultry products at the Historical Village in Howick, Kwazulu Natal
  • Write proposal to be approved by management including budget.
  • Find best venue, booking, working with the venue and establishment with the company secretary to book flights for all delegates and co-ordinate accommodation bookings.
  • Invitations, confirmation.
  • Print brochures, co-ordinate the event and activities during the launch including speakers and company scientists to present papers.

    Intervet product launch
    4 Products launched
  • Run the event during the launch to ensure that it runs smooth and address any issues at hand.
  • Post product launch write-up and publication of an article in the Poultry Association magazine.

As a passionate and creative planner my approach to product launches is based on making an lasting impression on the delegates so they always remember the product through association with the event.  Presenting scientific papers at a very formal meeting is one thing versus having fun while working, another.  There were a lot of references and thank you letter after these events which just confirmed that the product launches had the desired effect and left a lasting impression on the delegates.

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