Digital promotion CARE for Wildlife

digital promotion CARE for wildlife

Digital promotion combined with traditional above and below the line advertising to build the company’s brand and create awareness of the products and services available.

CARE Digital promotion objective:

CARE was an acronym for:

“Communication in Africa for Rare and Endangered species wildlife project”

To support research and conservation projects by supplying the researches with satellite phones and airtime in order for them to communicate and send research data from remote locations to their base station, which would contribute to saving animals on the endangered species list, through effective communication.

Skills demonstrated in this Digital Promotion:

  1. Conceptualize project in conjunction with CEO of the company – clearly define target markets.
  2. Design and compile content for the web site, brochures, logo for the project.
  3. Write press releases, publish it online and distribute to targeted media.
  4. We also made sure our on-page search engine optimization was correct and built inbound links to the site.
  5. Work with in-house graphic designer to design print media.
  6. Work with IT department to set up a web site for this project – the web site had an interactive map where visitors clicked on a species in the area where they live and obtain more information about the research that was done on that particular species.
  7. Organize show and exhibition – i.e. design stand, staff to man stand, posters etc.
  8. Run the competition at the exhibition to ensure we get enough entries – with this competition we specifically targeted the safari operators that travel up in Africa on expeditions as they were the ones that would require satellite phones for use.
  9. Prize draw and follow-up after the exhibition.

How did this digital promotion work?

A satellite airtime package was designed where  0.5 US cent of every minute used were to be donated to selected projects .  Example: A subscriber using 100 minutes per month would donate 5 $US of airtime per month to the research teams working on saving the species on the endangered species list.

The Package comprised of the following:

  • No satellite airtime contract.
  • No monthly subscription
  • Satellite airtime at $2.40 / minute
  • Email, voice mail and fax mail at no cost.
  • Itemized billing for all subscribers at not cost.

Print and promotional material:

The project was initiated in 1997 but officially launched at the Getaway show held at the MTN Dome in Northcliff, Johannesburg.  A competition was designed in conjunction with France Telecom where contestants had to stipulate their preferred project to be supported by this initiative.  The winner was determined through a draw at the show.  The starter kit was won by Lance de Villiers from a company called Destination Africa tours and he nominated the Island of Aldabra world Heritage site as preferred project.

Digital promotion print brochure design
Print media designed for this particular project
CARE digital promotion competition
CARE competition for the lucky draw

Monitoring and feedback:

The satellite phone supplier also hosted a web site which provided subscribers with the latest information and feedback with regards to these projects.  In 1997/1998 links from project sites like these were still important from a marketing perspective and each subscriber received a link from the dedicated site to their own as part of the deal.

This project enjoyed quite a bit of success and was one of the first projects where we combined a digital promotion using the internet and satellite communications with offline promotions to:

  1. Build brand online and offline.
  2. Drive traffic to company’s web site.
  3. Support a worthy cause (Public relations).

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