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I am an experienced content marketer with the ability to develop unique content sharing expertise and deliver search engine-optimized content.

Bill Gates said: “Content is King”

Let’s face it – the internet is flooded with blogs, websites, sales copy, and recycled content.

Neil Patel reports that there are roughly 1 website / 4,6 people and I blog/ 7,9 people worldwide.

That is a lot of content.

How do I stand out in this vast content landscape?

Keep your content unique, sharing expertise and experiences that other writers and marketers do not have.

How do I achieve that?

Let me explain:
Suppose you want an article about Age Group swimming.

Who do you think will be the best person to write about it?

  • A content writer

  • An age-group swimmer

  • A Coach

  • An ex-provincial swimmer and age-group coach

Online creative content

The swimmer/coach – here is why:

I would choose the ex-provincial swimmer and age group coach because this person will share unique experiences and expertise.

As a result, telling a the story in a way that nobody else do, will demonstrate to your target audience and to the search engines equipped with artificial intelligence, that your content is unique.  

This, in turn, will lead to more people reading and sharing the story, driving traffic to your website.

The person writing the content does not have to be an expert writer or marketer.

Use an expert writer to edit the story and a marketer or SEO expert to optimize the story for your site.

Add a call-to-action or link to a landing page, use tracking URLs (UTM – Urchin tracking module) and Google Analytics to track conversions, and you have content that works for you.

Content Marketing versus Content Writing

Content marketing

  • Understand customer pain points

  • Understand keywords and search

  • Competitor research

  • Click-worthy headings

  • Bite-sized digestible info

  • On-page SEO (Tags, links, descriptions)

Content writing

  • Reach new audiences with content

  • Research and collect data

  • Write with clarity

  • Spelling and grammar

  • Edit Content

  • Write a large volume of articles

Content marketing projects and samples

American English

American English
long-form article

A long-form article (1,600+ words).
Skills: topic research, American grammar, spelling, and terminology.
Search engine optimization.
Published content, available on the Martin Award Blog.

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Scientific and technical writing

Technical/science writing

Using the experience and years working in various laboratories to provide science writing to various Companies. ELISA testing, Microbiology, Histology, Electron microscopy, Chemistry just to name a few fields.
(Copies available on request as it is paid-for content)

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Media releases

Press Releases / Media room

Online press releases and articles. Includes transcribed videos with subtitles.
On-page search engine optimization and Video Object schema app mark-up.
Published sample of video press releases and articles.

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Our clients

BioXplor science writing
Martin Awards long form article
Skin Cancer Foundation of South Africa press releases
NeXstep Events content marketing

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