SEO or Search engine optimization:
    Methods companies use to increase the quality and quantity of search engine traffic

    Experienced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert

    My SEO journey started in 1998 while working at Station Africa Telecoms. We used WebSTAT to analyze traffic.

    Google webmaster services were not available at the time as the Company did nor exist (established on 4 September 1998.)

    My expertise grew over the years and it is fair to say that my SEO skills developed with Google webmaster tools.

    As a person with hands-on search engine optimization experience, I ensure that your content ranks high on organic search engines. I am eager to constantly learn more about SEO and am proactive in keeping current with the latest trends


    To create unique and high quality search engine optimized content which website visitors find useful and do not mind to share or talk about. This, in turn will drive organic traffic to customer websites.


    To stay on top of developments in the Search Engine Optimization industry in order to continue to deliver top rated services to customers.

    Sample: Organic SEO optimized content

    Background information /scope:

    The goal of this campaign was 2-fold. Firstly, launch a new product, secondly, grow the subscriber database.

    We updated the existing company one-page responsive design to focus on the product launch.

    We just focused on on-page optimization with little or no link building due to the nature of the event and Medical control council restrictions.

    The product launch took place in October 2021 with online speakers and Key Opinion Leaders. (Virtual launch)

    Virtual Product Launch Marketing:


    Target audience:
    1. Local and International doctors and Physicians
    2. Pharmacists
    3. Faculty – medical industry

    Reaching the target audience:
    1. WhatsApp groups
    2. Email campaigns
    3. Advertising: none.

    The launch:
    14 October 2021 – 4,5 hour online meeting

    Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)

    Note: We black out sensitive information in the results as this site is not authorized to advertise the product in any way. The screen captures merely serve as samples to demonstrate results from the campaign.

    The optimized page is ranking third in the search engine result pages (SERP) following the launch (January / February 2022)

    The subscriber base grew from 380 to 864 subscribers with 14% returning subscribers.

    Organic search engine rankings

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