Vigosine Product launch

Product launch for Sanofi Animal health

Product launch
Vigosine Product launch invitation

While working in the satellite telecoms industry as a marketing consultant, I was approached by Sanofi Animal Health international to arrange a product launch for one of their registered Poultry products.  It was important in 1999 to have more than just one client which one worked for as a registered CC so this project was happily accepted and it served as an exciting alternative to the communications industry.

What is Vigosine?

Vigosine is a supplement that aids poultry farmers by improving performance during critical periods such as heat stress (which is quite common in South Africa), sudden death, growth retardation and loss of appetite in Poultry.   The launch of this product was in particular aimed at Veterinarians and scientists specializing in Poultry, so a very targeted market and a small specific audience to entertain.

Invitation design:

In conjunction with a preferred graphic designer, the attached invitations were designed and product launch arranged.  We decided to use a fun and inviting approach in the design with the invitations, yet keep it simple and add a bit of class to it by hand making the invitations rather than make use of standard printing.  We added a bit of humor to the cover which indicated the nature of the product “Put life in your coops”.

The launch entailed entertaining delegates at a hotel in Stellenbosch with a presentation done by one of the Sanofi specialists.  All the arrangements had to be made remotely as head quarters was not in Stellenbosch.


Print media was used in order to give broader exposure to the the launch of the product such as farm managers and poultry production unit decision makers and the cover of February 1999’s Poultry bulletin was booked for this purpose.

We worked as a team to find the right design and comply with the Sanofi guidelines for advertising.

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