Text SMS Content Writing – 2017 is here!!

Text SMS content writing services 2017
Text SMS content writing – wishing everybody a Happy New Year 2017

Text SMS / content writing is our business and we would like to wish everybody a Happy 2017!

E-SPECTATIONS CONSULTING CC is celebrating its sixteenth year in business this year.

We have wonderful and exciting news for 2017.

End 2015, SMSwarehouse Inc. closed down and E-SPECTATIONS took over the Text SMS platform.

  1. Text /SMS business

    Following careful consideration, we decided that we will offer SMPP and HTTP connections to our clients.  We are working on some new designs for our websites and will launch it in due course.  The web interface will serve only as a point of reference for existing clients.  We will not invest in further development of the web interface as the majority requests we get are for SMPP and HTTP services.

  2. Text SMS content writing:

     It came to our attention in 2016, that a lot of clients battle to compile an effective marketing message within the 160 character limitation of a standard English text SMS.  Promotional Text SMS also have to comply with anti-spamming standards.  We are able to assist legitimate business with text SMS content writing for promotional messages in order to prevent any filters catching the text messages.  Please contact us for a quote and assistance.

  3. Content writing: 

    in 2016 our content contributions lead to winning contests on some of the freelancer websites.  Unfortunately, the companies or other freelancers that posted the competitions did not have sufficient budget to take the work further.  It did, however serve as confirmation of the need for good content writers in the field.  We will continue to offer content writing as a service in 2017:

    • Writing articles.
    • Blogging.
    • Vlogging.
    • Press releases.
    • Web content.

    We maintain our writing style, ensuring proper search engine optimized article, blog post and press release delivery. Not to mention the stringent plagiarism check we submit our work to prior to delivery.

  4. Science writer:  In 2016 I discovered that the 6 years I spent studying in the Veterinary Technology field, is coming in handy now that there is a demand for science writers.  I will build on this ability, utilizing my expert knowledge to make a contribution to the field of science.
  5. Swimming blog

    We will continue to update the blog throughout the year.  This blog is not only a passion of ours but serve as a testing blog where we test all the proposed methods we learn about from a SEO and content perspective.  We do plan to monetize the blog in order to experiment with affiliate marketing techniques.  This will provide sufficient content for some interesting blog posts.

  6. In 2016, I also completed a Digital marketing diploma and attended the Growth Hacking summit.  In 2017, we will build on growing our knowledge as well as experience in order to provide improved services and advice to our clients.




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