Online Press Releases and News Articles

    Online press releases and news articles form an important part of online content.

    Online Press releases and article writing

    Why is press releases and news article writing important?

    Press releases and news articles form part of the Public relations component in the Marketing mix.

    A press release is a news article, written in a specific format, addressing a specific target audience, about a specific newsworthy event.

    This content is then distributed online (social media) or, using segmented email lists, to specific journalists to inform them about the news, event, product launch.

    Distribution timing and effectivity are crucial.

    This targeted content assists companies to raise brand awareness, update the public about specific projects, and help build the company’s brand.

    The press or media releases we do include the following elements:

    • Catchy headline

    • Informative sub-heading

    • Introduction & background

    • Quotes

    • Body paragraphs

    • Video with subtitles

    • Video Transcription

    • Boilerplate

    • Contact details

    • Social media links

    • On-page search engine optimization (SEO)

    • Schema app video page

    News Articles:
    News articles or stories do not aim to inform the media about a specific event the way press releases do.

    It simply tells the story of an event, a niche in the market, a product, or any other interesting information you wish to share with the public.

    News articles may also contain a “sales pitch” and the tone of the article should be friendly and informative.

    News articles do not have to meet the specific structure required for a press release. However, keep your tagging and order of heading importance in place as a writing habit. It will make it easier to optimize the page.

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    Online Press releases and news articles

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