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    Scientific Article series

    3 Sample articles that are part of a Sandwich ELISA overview series. This series includes another 2 articles covering the following topics:
    Sandwich ELISA Assay Optimisation and 8 Bench tips to reduce high background in ELISA testing.

    Sandwich ELISA
    Science writer - Sandwich ELISA series

    Sandwich ELISA


    Write a series of five 700-800 word articles using British English.

    The client allowed me to choose the topics for the 7 articles.

    This article serves as an introduction and discusses what the assay does, the history of its development, and the protocol used to do a test.

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    Monoclonal versus Polyclonal antibody use in Sandwich ELISA
    Polyclonal monoclonal antibodies

    Monoclonal versus Polyclonal antibody use in Sandwich ELISA

    The second article in the series focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of monoclonal versus polyclonal antibodies.

    This article includes practical tips when developing a sandwich ELISA test.

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    Antibody Production
    Antibody production

    Antibody Production


    The third article in the Sandwich ELISA series is an overview of the steps in Antibody production.

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    Client Referral

    Thanks for sending the articles. I really like it!!:)  It is well researched and in the language style that will be read by scientists. I think you have a talent for technical writing, and I am looking forward to the next one! :)–> Mark Rogers Bioxplor Ltd.


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    Science background and education

    • 1984-1985: National Diploma Microbiology (Vet) Technikon Pretoria, now Tshwane University of Technology

    • 1985-1987 Practical year University of Pretoria Onderstepoort Campus¬†(Faculty of Veterinary Science)
      Department Histology. Prepared slides for students. Electron Microscopy imaging for Dr Van Der Merwe’s PhD.

    • 1987-1989: Standards technician, South African Bureau of Standards. Assistant, Department Chemistry. The laboratory closed in 1989.

    • 1989-1995: Tiger Brand Golden Lay Health Biological Services. ELISA technician. (Laboratory sold in 1995).

    • 1995-1996: Vine-Vet SA. Sales representative. Sales and training of IDEXX test kits.

    • 1996-1998:¬†Intervet International B.V, (now MSD Animal health). Product manager, promoted to National Sales Manager after winning the 1997 Akzo Nobel Sales Person of the year award.

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