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    Social media marketing: scope project, create content, build the campaign, run it, and report metrics.

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    Social Media Marketing

    We’ve helped various business owners to get their social media platforms up and running since 2016.

    This includes launching new businesses online, growing audiences, and local community networking.

    Our featured sample from 2017/2018 is an online/offline collaboration to launch a newly built adventure park.

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    Which social media platform is the best to use?

    Not all are equal in the social media world.
    Deciding which platform you should use depends on quite a number of factors:
    – Firstly: What is your goal: To expand your reach? Branding? Or do you want to increase sales leads? We look at the customer goals and assist them to narrow them down and define the goals.
    – Secondly, we ask: What channels do my target audience use?
    – Thirdly, we look at the type of content we can create for the client and what they did before we got involved
    – Lastly, we put the goals, target audience, and content together with the best platform to meet the clients’ goals.

    Through the above process, we aim to educate the clients to take ownership of their social media campaigns.

    Social media campaigns

    Why do I need a content calendar?

    This graph illustrates the increase in traffic when we implement a content calendar.

    Content calendars are essential in content and social media marketing as it manages your content for you in a structured way.

    Facebook Social Media Marketing Campaign

    Sample client – Adventure Park Facebook campaign 2017/2018
    Facebook campaign
    Starting metrics 17 September 2017

    Adventure Park

    Briefing and scope of work:

     A new adventure park was built by our client in September 2017. Our client wanted to build an audience on Facebook and launch the park.

    Challenges and how we deal with it

    Facebook organic reach began declining as early as 2013. Unfortunately, this client had to budget for advertising and asked if I could just run an organic campaign for them over the 6-month period.

    Challenges, creativity, and analytics such as these motivate me as a marketer, and I enjoy taking on these tasks. 

    Analysing their existing statistics gave me sufficient background information to draft a 6-months content calendar.

    Our focus is on all special events, school holidays, and public holidays.  The plan and calendar outline three phases – pre-launch traffic, launch traffic, and post-launch traffic. 

    Pre-launch best time to post
    Launch social media best time to post
    Viral content

    The one aspect of social media that drives traffic, is viral content.

    Here is an example of posts that went viral during one campaign and increased engagement.

    Social media viral content increase traffic
    Reports and feedback to the client:

    Within the first month of 2018, the adventure park reached 33.6K followers. Some posts reach up to 140K people per day (on average, 14,000 to 15,000 people per week).

     As a result, their six-month ticket sales reached approximately R6 million for the 6-month period.

    The metrics below show information on pre-launch, launch, and post-launch. 

    Since the park did not post videos, I suggested that they run a contest for the best video posted and tagged on Facebook when visitors spend a day at the adventure park.  The videos quickly went viral among the local community, generating loads of shares, likes, and park visits.

    Pre Launch metrics
    L:aunch metrics
    End of campaign
    Social media campaign outcome (KPI)

    17 September 2017: 1,031 followers.
    31 March 2018: 34,521 followers
    Viral posts reached up to 140K per day
    Average post reach 14,000-15,000 per week

    Ticket sales and revenue:
    The park’s owner confirmed a turnover of approximately R 6 million rand over the 6-month period, despite the objections due to drought and pricing concerns from the local community.

    Paid advertising versus organic traffic

    Our customers to date are mostly small enterprises. I have, at the moment, a small business on board that does not even know how to post on Social Media.

    It is, therefore, important that we establish trust, educate the client and build the relationship to a point where they are open to discussing paid advertising.

    I am currently working on a project involving a specific local target audience, educating them about natural and native food sources. We are building this project over a 6-month period to establish trust, grow the local audience and community to engage with the page first.

    Following that, we will patiently work towards bigger campaigns and grow the client into paid advertising.

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    Beauty salon promotion
    Social media marketing Facebook post
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    Social media marketing Beauty salon Facebook post
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    Some Social Media Clients

    Social media marketing adventure park
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