Swimming with Olympian Michelle Weber

Did you ever swim with an Olympian?

Swim with an Olympian

Swimming with Olympian Michelle Weber in January 2018

Dad and I drove down for the December holidays after a very tiring KZN Premier champs.  Our trip takes us from Durban on the East Coast, through the Free State to the Western Cape with a one-night stopover at Colesburg (half way).  Mom is working in Cape Town on contract and we will spend Christmas with Granny in a small place called Dwarskersbos, 12 km from Velddrif.

The first day is an eight-hour drive and we arrive safely in Colesburg.  The next day will be a nine-hour drive to Dwarskersbos.  It is very sad to see how dry it is everywhere.
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Westville sprints and KZN Premier Champs

Westville Sprints and KZN Premier Champs ’17

Westville sprints KZN Premier Champs 2017

Westville Sprints KZN Premier Champs takes place end November and end December 2017.  KZN Premier Champs doubles up at Commonwealth trials.

November 2017:

Mom lands a contract at the City of Cape Town as a digital writer.  Monica and dad stay behind in KwaZulu Natal to continue with school and training.  The contract is not permanent work and moving to Cape Town is not viable at this point in time.

Mica recovers well from the Swine flu strain as the anti-viral does its job. Training resumes in preparation for Westville Sprints and KZN Premier Champs. KZN Premier Champs is the  KwaZulu Natal regional Level 3, SANJ and SA youth Championship.  In 2017 the Championship doubles up as the 2018 Commonwealth trials, which are set to take place in April 2018, Gold Coast Australia.  Famous swimmers are competing at this event.

It is the first time Mica will swim this Championship.  The rule states that any swimmer with Level 3 qualifying times has to participate in the KZN Premier Championship irrespective of age.  Monica swam Level 3 freestyle qualifying times at the age of nine. The events at this meet are 11 & Under.

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Speedo Junior Champs and Seagulls SC 2017

Speedo Junior Champs and Seagulls Short Course 2017

Looking strong at Seagulls SC champs

Speedo Junior Champs and Seagulls Short Course 2017

eThikwini Speedo Junior Champs acts as the official opening of the swim season.  This is a championship for swimmers in the 13 & Under age group.

2017 Championship dates, 22-24 September.  It is a tradition that we create childhood cancer awareness at this particular swim meet.  We make our gold awareness ribbons, cook for the three days of the gala and on 22 September we set off to Kings Park swimming pool for the first day of Speedo Junior Champs.

September is Spring-time in Durban and we this year we experience extreme tropical weather.  Weather builds up, a storm breaks just to start another build-up after the rains. High seas, strong winds, and flooding in and around Durban is at the order of the day.

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