2018-2019 Swim Season

2018-2019 Swim Season Results (11)

2018-2019 swim season results

2018-2019 Swim season results

We kick the 2018-2019 swim season off with some unexpected results and changes.  The work in training from 2017-2018 is definitely starting to show.

In May 2018 Coach Jan accepts a position at a local club as squad coach.  Monica earns herself a lifetime membership at this swimming pool as part of the offer.  The greatest change of all is that Monica joins a squad for training and does not train alone anymore.

Monica enjoys great health despite changing from training at an indoor saltwater pool to a chlorinated outdoor swimming pool.  However, we need to adjust the use of her asthma pump due to changing from training in a salt water indoor pool to a chlorinated outdoor swimming pool.

The work she did in 2017-2018 is starting to show as Monica clearly recovered from the debilitating effects the swine flu virus had on her following Prestige Championships 2017.

TYR Prestige Championship 2018:

We enter all events at this swimming meet as we use it to establish a baseline for the rest of the year.  This is a long gala stretching over five days with heats in the mornings and finals at night.

Monica competes in the 11-12 age group.  It is a tough age group taking into consideration that she is a young eleven and competes against 12-year-olds that put the last effort in before they celebrate their thirteenth birthdays.

Our approach to these challenges is that age should not matter.  Monica focuses on her own races, goals and times.

The greatest moment throughout the five days occurs when a coach asks Monica how it is going.  Her response says it all:

I am feeling healthy and yes, 
I feel strong.

Monica swims a total of 22 events (heats and finals) over the five days, with 16 personal bests and bronze medals in the 50 and 100 LCM freestyle events.

This is a great start and baseline to work from for the 2018-2019 swim season results.  We also have another eight months to improve on these personal bests before Monica’s 12th birthday.
Prestige 2018 10 to 14 July  (11-12 age group)
50 long course meters:
Freestyle @ 31:05 (PB heat) 30:40 (PB final) – 3rd
Backstroke @ 36:07 (PB heat) 38:07 (final) slip at start – 10th
Breaststroke @ 40:65 (PB Heat) 41:67 (final) – 6th
Butterfly @ 36:11 – 14th

100 long course Meters:

Freestyle @ 1:08:87 (PB heat) 1:06:64 (PB final) – 3rd – SANJ QT @ 1:06:49
Backstroke @ 1:20:74 (Heats) 1:19:22 (PB final) – 5th
Breaststroke @ 1:31:35 (Heat) 1:30:26 (PB final) – 7th
Butterfly @ 1:23:20 (Heat) 1:21:72 (PB final) – 5th

200 long course meters:
Freestyle 12&U 2:26:87 (PB heats) 2:26:68 (PB final) – 4th
Individual medley 2:50:83 (PB heats) 2:47:36 (PB final) – 4th

14 & Under events 200 long course meters:

Backstroke @ 2:51:50 (PB) – 21st
Breaststroke @ 3:15:89 (PB)- 18th

Open 400 LCM freestyle: 5:16:53 (PB)-31st

Umgungundlovu Galas JC Joliffe Pool Pietermaritzburg:

The Umgumgundlovu (UMDM) age group galas replace previous years’ Seals short course swim meets.  We follow a different strategy to this year’s short course racing and swim all the events at UMDM 1, however, choosing to swim only the 50 Freestyle, 100 Open individual medley (IM) and the 200 SCM freestyle.

It is a bit of an experiment to see what would happen if we are more selective with events when racing. We take a less is more approach to improve the 2018-2019 swim season results.

This approach pays off with some unexpected personal bests and Monica’s first SA National Junor (SANJ) short course qualifying time.
UMDM 2 2018-06-16 (11-12 age group)
50 SCM Freestyle @ 29:66 (PB)
200 SCM Freestyle @ 2:21:08 (SCY 2:07:09) PB and short course SANJ QT
Open 100 SCM Individual medley @ 1:16:91 (SCY 1:09:29)

UMDM 1 2018-06-16 (11-12 age group)
50 SCM:
Freestyle @ 29:78 (PB)
Butterfly @ 35:00 (PB)
100 SCM:
Backstroke @ 1:17:38 (PB)
Breaststroke @ 1:30:80 (PB)
Freestyle @ 1:07:12 (PB)

We kick the 2018-2019 season off with an IM and 100 meters breaststroke at Ethikwini Age group 1.  Note the interesting development early in the 2018-2019 season is mixed racing at Age group galas.
Ethikwini Age Group 1 2018-05-26
Mixed 100 LCM breaststroke @ 1:31,04 (PB)
Mixed 200 LCM IM @ 2:54,37