Fifth stroke

The Fifth stroke also is known as underwater work

This week we will focus on the fifth stroke in swimming in light of the Age group 8 gala on Saturday and Sunday.

Fifth stroke in swimming

Roland Schoeman is known for his strong dolphin or flutter kick which swimmers do after the start.  This kick requires lots of core strength as it is done from the hip and not the knees.

Swim like a fish!

It mimics the vortex created when fish swims.  The down kick needs to be twice the velocity of the up kick in the water in order to obtain optimal propulsion. Dolphin or flutter kick is only allowed for the first 15 meters after the start or turn. The FINA rule states the following:

According to FINA, no swimmer may travel more than 15 meters (16.4 yards) off of a start or turn in the backstroke, butterfly and freestyle underwater. Breaststroke is only allowed one complete arm stroke followed by a butterfly kick and breaststroke kick. After fifteen meters, the swimmer must break the surface of the water. Streamline is to only be used in the first 15 meters due to the swimmers inability to remain underwater without disqualification. This rule applies to all races done in compliance with FINA rules whether it is short course or long course. Swimmers in a race will usually maintain the streamline form and perform a butterfly kick for the full fifteen meters due to the fact that there is less resistance than there is on top of the water due to the lack of drag created by waves

We are aware that older swimmers only learn these techniques, but Monica is already practicing these strokes.  During swim events, she already surfaces at approximately 7 to 7,5 meters which are not bad for a young swimmer at eight years old.

Swim philosophy and physical attributes

Our philosophy is that the younger she is, learning these techniques, the more time she will have to build core strength and work on perfecting the technique.

Monica has another attribute which works to her advantage.  She is physically the size of a 10-year-old child and mentally quite strong so she handles the learning of these techniques quite well.

One can do a lot with a child that is always keen to learn and work hard on various techniques.