Swimming pool opening invited special guest

Swimming pool opening – the invitation

Athlone Park Primary invited Monica as special guest at the 2017 refurbished swimming pool opening.

Part of our mission with swimming  is not only to grow Monica as a swimmer but also to inspire young swimmers to believe in themselves and work towards their own success.

Not many athletes get the type of exposure needed in order to inspire other swimmers.  It is, therefore, a great honor for us to be invited as guests to the Athlone Park Primary refurbished swimming pool opening and fun gala.

Arriving at the Refurbished swimming pool opening

How we met Charlie during the swimming pool opening25 October 2016, we arrive early at the school and battle a bit to find parking.  Organized chaos one only find at schools when parents fetch the kids.

Monica spots this Peacock in the front garden across the road from the school.  We learn from one of the moms that his name is Charlie.  He proudly calls and fans his feathers – it is beautiful!

Swim teams from Athlone Park, Warner Beach and Scottburgh primary attend the opening and fun gala and we wait for the teams to settle down around the pool.

Very excited learners at the school.  Monica is home schooled, so this is a new experience for her.  In the mean time her best friend arrives and she runs over to us to say hello.  She is a learner at Warner Beach Primary.

Physical education teacher Mrs. ChampionStart of the fun gala 

Mrs. Champion, the physical education special educator, introduce us to Mr. Vorster, the acting principal.  He tells us that the school aimed to enclose the pool area and install heaters to ensure year-round swim training for the swimmers.

Unfortunately, the quote to enclose and heat the pool was just too much.  The governing body’s decision included fixing leaking pipes, refinishing the fiberglass and replacing the pool pump.

Invited guest swimming pool openingThe fun gala starts promptly and runs smoothly with swimmers really doing their utmost best. Monica and Mom has a special seat where we are entertained to some muffins served by the home education learners at the school.  It is delicious!  Royal treatment in every possible way.

Monica’s 100 Individual Medley to inspire the school’s learners

During the fun gala, Monica tells me that it is terrible for her to sit on the side watching swimming.  Mrs. Champion approach us and asks if Monica would like to swim for the learners.  Fortunately we always keep a swim bag with us (regardless of where we go) in the event that Monica is required to swim.

We agree that Monica will swim her favorite event, the 100-meter medley as a demonstration to the school’s learners after the break before the relays.

This day holds special meaning to us and we will always cherish it as it is the first time that Monica receives acknowledgment by our local community as a swimmer. Thank you Athlone Park Primary – we know that this pool will produce many champion swimmers!